"And I have all these words for you."

I'm Karen
And this is my writing blog.
I'm nothing special.

"I don’t tell you this often, but I miss you."
I kinda wish

I had a second

chance meeting people

the first time.

It’s not so much

that I wanted to

make a good first


It’s just that

I miss you 

You are much prettier than gold
I am so glad
you are mine to hold

"I wish we had more time."
"It still hurts thinking of you."

1. In the second grade, I gave you a Valentine’s day card and you ripped it in half. I refused to cry, so I laughed when it hurt

2. You had blue eyes and for the next four years all you did was make me feel blue until I forgot about you

3. I didn’t like you that much but you told me you liked me so I thought that was enough

4. Backstage I told you and all you said was ‘thanks’ and walked away

5. We held hands three times and then we broke up. We didn’t kiss

6. You asked for my friend’s number instead of mine

7. We constantly texted each other until you accidentally sent me a message made for another girl

8. You laughed and smiled more when you were with her, so I let you be with her

9. You were the hardest to leave, but I never looked back

10. I asked when will you quit smoking and your reply was, ‘When I die.’

10. We were friends. We were something. Then we were nothing

11. It was a just a crush but even so, it still hurt

12. I think about us sometimes and to be honest, I’m scared to love again

-A List of Past Romances (via bulaongster)

So I just wanna give you a heads up that although this blog is mostly containing poetry and six word stories and the whole enchiladas, its merely my writing.

I may have the occasion to upload pics or whatever inspires me.  

I’m thinking of starting a letter series.

Yanno, you write letters to people and never send them (but I guess I’m uploading it for the world to see so …) and idk, I think it’s therapeutic to try it out.

Bear with me here.  I may at times write for people, but I think whenever it comes to writing, it comes from the heart.  I write for me.

Whatever comments you may have if you have the intention to insult me and the way I run things, please just keep it to yourselves.  Be kind, k?

Although, if you guys have criticism of my work, I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Idk why I made this post. 1) i haven’t posted in awhile and 2) i don’t like disrepectful people so I guess I’m just tryna avoid them haters.

Anyways, have a Happy Easter, 4/20 and the whole enchiladas.  Take care always


I can manage to live without you.
You’re not the center of my universe
You don’t carry my heart
And even if you did,
I don’t need it

I know when to look away
to turn away
to never go back

I’m not that girl you once knew.
I’ve survived the first bomb
I can survive the next

That girl you once knew
will always be

"Your kisses don’t seem to work anymore. It still hurts."
-When your love for me isn’t enough to help me
"I miss writing to you;
Now, I write about you."
-Ten word story