"And I have all these words for you."

I'm Karen
And this is my writing blog.
I'm nothing special.

"Your kisses don’t seem to work anymore. It still hurts."
-When your love for me isn’t enough to help me
"I miss writing to you;
Now, I write about you."
-Ten word story

I still have plenty of room left
for you in me.
I may not be home
or the girl you love so much
but you can build fires in me,
make it cozy
and I could keep you warm.

I’m not much,
but I promise not to burn out

Woah there

Yes I’ve been MIA on this blog cause nothing has been able to make my heart quiver the way it did before 2014 but anyways
I was scrolling through this tumblr and holy cow I found that some of my posts had a lot of notes and I have no idea how that happened
But I just wanted to say thank you for reading them :)
Really, it makes my day knowing that my words matter, that they stir in the hearts of people I have never met.
Thank you and have a wonderful day

"I hate me for missing you"

I always wondered
what I meant to you

did saying my name made
your mouth taste like blood?


did your palms get sweaty without
even having to touch my skin?

You are losing me
and I’m already lost.

You can find me under your sheets

or hear my voice whenever you call
and I don’t pick up.

I wasn’t always a mess

but I figured this is what I meant to you

the moment I left.

-For Granted
Anonymous whispered: happy valentines day!

i’m half a month late on this GOSH but THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE <3


You must be happy.
You should be.
You could be.
You must be happy
cause if you’re not,
I’m not gonna pick up the
god damn phone and call you.
I’m not gonna send you letters
I’m not gonna do those things.

You know the reason why.
If I think of you like this,
you must think of me like this too.

If you don’t do anything,
surely I won’t either.

I’ve done enough.
I’ve had enough.


Sorry for the lame poems or lack of,
February is a hectic month just as January was.

Yanno, what with midterms and not having a life.
Plus I’m lacking feelings so please deal with my writer’s block for now.